Dysphoria - Judge For Condemned

Dysphoria - Judge For Condemned
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Дата релиза: 2016-11-30

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But I wretched myself and undone
Why do you lie to me?
Why are you proud of the critical mess
While the serpent is lost?
Nameless family is
Staring at the final sacrifice, the sign
I accuse you of the telling lies
Upon these skies
Dont fail the masterpiece of mine
Carved epitaph
As Im preaching to your herd
Turn on your helpless godmachine
Hands in blood, fallen at its knees
Guided by no one, left for dead in eternity
Fatalists position
We're doomed under these conditions
Why do we all serve till we die?
Why do we still assassinate/renounce our lives?
An abdicated throne of desolation
I pretend at the place of your god
We proclaim the end of all
Powers to conquer and devour
Be inferior form
Consciousness shall never come to us
Find the sanity Ive always struggled to achieve
I adore the demon that you have become
To describe the ages of insanity
Headless statues resonating with hope to find their perfect form
This ceremony of cement resembles that we have long fallen
To our knees and pray to the monuments erected by thieves
Hopeless, left once
Begotten to be hell forever
This way
Modern theory of an apathy outgoing from the social pyramid
Hopess theory
What have I done?
What do stellars got to look at?
Whether it is all a shadow of lie
Wreck it
Or whether you stare at world
Devour and see what
Youll do to yourself as a feature
Fill it and assassinate
It is counted for any seizure and way
Thats all you say to us?
Why have you got your eyes dry?
Why have you done it?
Shrike and lay
Statical dismay

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